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African Development Solutions is a registered Limited Liability Company based in Accra-Ghana and offers a variety of services to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), NGOs and corporate organizations.
We provide full service solutions to our cherished clients by partnering with a network of expert providers from all sectors.
At the heart of our company’s growing success is credibility, innovation and passion for what we do to exceed the expectations of our clients, hence our motto: “Transforming Lives through Research and Innovation ’’.


Our core values
•    Innovation
•    Customer
•    Teamwork
•    Global focus
•    Quality
•    Entrepreneurship
•    Collaboration
•    Time consciousness
•    Impact oriented

Our goal
To promote efficiency, maximize profits and sustain impact of clients’ businesses and beneficiaries.

Our purpose
•    We educate, train, coach and mentor entrepreneurs to create innovative and sustainable business enterprises.
•    We support research into  global development issues
•    We support the sourcing on funds for start up and scale up businesses
•    We support the development of marketing linkages of all agricultural commodities.
•    We support quality production and capacity building initiatives of smallholder farmers.

Our business objectives
•    To increase managerial efficiency and effectiveness among SMEs
•    To create and promote employment and business growth opportunities
•    To provide non-formal but practical training environment for growth and opportunity capitalization
•    To provide practical strategies to improve and grow businesses throughout Ghana and beyond
•    To provide alternative and leveraged investment opportunities to our clients