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Mr. Nicholas Amartey- Agribusiness Development Consultant and Co-founder, ADSL
•    Currently the Executive Director, Agripreneurs Africa
•    Consultant(External Verifier), COTVET/GIZ/ATVET Agricultural Vocational Training Programs
•    Director and Chief Operations Officer, Africa Development Solutions Limited
•    Director, Crystal Seed Production & Farms Limited
•    Director, Veggie Masters Limited
•    Former Customer Service Executive for Vodafone Ghana
•    Former Learning Support Coordinator for St. Peters Mission Schools

He is passionate about the transformation of Africa’s agricultural production from subsistence to commercial using the value chain management approach. He uses his creativity, energy and entrepreneurial spirit to inspire and empower smallholder farmers, young people, companies and organizations to initiate and attain growth.

His specialty is in providing innovative interventions and solutions around agribusiness entrepreneurship, organizational development, strategic planning and market development using research findings, value chain concept and best practices. He is an expert with strong passion in starting and developing new agribusiness projects and businesses, using innovation and creativity to spur sustainable agribusiness growth.

Mr. Amartey has spoken on agribusiness entrepreneurship (agripreneurship) and project management to over 5,000 different audiences including smallholder farmers, young people, university graduates and agribusiness institutions in Ghana.

He has consulted with over 10 agribusiness enterprises, and over 25 farmer cooperatives and farmer associations in different areas of the sector in providing strategic guidance and various entrepreneurial interventions within the agriculture value chains and other organizational capacity building initiatives. He has attended several conferences, seminars and workshops     on agribusiness. He has supported the management of projects worth more than $5,000,000 in the agricultural sector.

Mr. Nicholas Amartey is currently a recipient of the prestigious Australia Awards Scholarship for Short Course in Agribusiness at the Center for International Development, University of Queensland, Australia.

He is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) USA and PMI Ghana Chapter.