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“Marketing has gone beyond selling what you have, but having what you sell”.
Marketing is deciding what to do to meet customers’ needs and how to make a product more competitive. Marketing involves putting in place systems that will make consumers believe that they are buying something special that meets their needs. It also means supplying the right amount of product or service at an acceptable price at a place and time when they want to buy it.

ADSL specializes in helping organizations obtain funds. We understand the intricacies of proposal writing for funds and so we offer comprehensive funding research and grant resource development services. At ADSL, we provide more than just proposal writing services. We are dedicated to building long-term client relationships based on mutual trust and respect, maintaining high-quality work standards and exceeding clients’ expectations.
We have a network of expertise in government worldwide, media and investor relations, ensuring proper and expert management of grant processes.

"We carry out all kinds of research activities in all sectors." Our goal is to re-invent innovation into research on development issues and market research. Our approach is what drives clients to seek us out when traditional methodologies have failed them, to facilitate change within sectors and organizations, both small and large, and to turn true understanding of issues or problems into business opportunities.