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Our aim is to position your organization to achieve your desired goals and objectives from strategy to implementation. Your log-term goals are explored and short-term needs are evaluated before options are identified and assessed.

We also help our clients manage the entire funding lifecycle, from finding and applying for grants to administering and reporting on them. Our experienced team and wide network is capable of executing grant opportunities in any region and sector in Africa.
We work on a “success fee” basis: if you don’t win a grant, you don’t pay us.
We have the expertise it takes to win your business or NGO a grant, and our pricing proves it.

Opportunity Discovery
Finding the right funding for your organization can be a challenge. Funding offered by large name-brand donors are often thoroughly publicized and well-known. Others, however, are not well-advertised and often remain undiscovered by organizations searching for funding.
ADSL maintains an extensive database of funding opportunities in Africa and a network of contacts at almost every active donor organization. The breadth of our knowledge of Africa’s funding landscape ensures we can find your organization the right funding.
Our expertise spans the major bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as hundreds of other attractive funding sources for innovative African businesses, NGOs, and governmental bodies.

Proposal Development
Writing proposals can be the most daunting part of applying for funding. Spending time preparing a proposal that might not win funding is a serious risk for most organizations. Many grant-worthy projects are never funded because of the large up-front investment of time required to apply.
ADSL completely eliminates the risk of investing in applications by managing the entire application process for our clients. We develop proposals in full, including drafting materials for multi-stage processes and addressing all additional requests from donors.

Project Management
A crucial part of our activities is the use of project management skills to implement our projects. In this way, we are able to track or measure the progress we have achieved towards a goal we wish to accomplish. We use project management skills to aid us in maximizing and optimizing our resources to the full.
The advantages are that there is an in-built monitoring mechanism right from the beginning to the end of the project. There is easy and early identification of bottlenecks. We are able to preempt unnecessary activities/expenditure, complete tasks on schedule to save time and report in a thorough and systematic manner. As a result, we work smart not hard.

Compliance & Reporting
Donors require their grant recipients to report thoroughly on the financial, social, and environmental impacts of their projects. The data collection and analysis required for this reporting is useful for both the donor and the grant recipient, but can be time-consuming and challenging to produce.
ADSL supports our clients across the full spectrum of follow-up reporting required by donors, drastically reducing the amount of time they spend managing grants. Our services range from financial and impact reporting to M&E setup and implementation.